I had the honor last week to spin a DJ set here and now I’m back this week to present Stacks TV the DJ Hideo LIVE LIFE art piece by Mel Marcelo. Hosted by DJ Icy Ice (Beat Junkies) and Toquon Tha MC (Soul Elavation) every Tuesday night at 7:30pm. DJ Hideo and the members of StacksTV have a long history in the hip-hip world together from the days of 92.3 The Beat to the biggest clubs in Los Angeles. It just felt right and I knew that this is where DJ Hideo belongs. As always, I had a great time catching up and talking with my friends here. Be sure to tune in and check out the show for your weekly dose.

DJ Noodles

VT Conquest

DJ Tony Jr. and Toquon Tha MC

DJ Noodles and DJ Tony Jr.