This is one of those type of exhibits that I can totally appreciate, relate to and just get so lost in. Being a B-Boy and DJ in the 80’s, this brought back so many memories with history and facts that I never knew about. Art In The Streets (April 17th – August 8th 2011) held at the Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Geffen in Los Angeles (Little Toyko), was such a sensory overload and a beauty at the same time. Its so crazy to see how far street art has come to the main stream and how it’s being used. Besides the art, the exhibits also shows a little history of the hip hip culture and its influences from music to cars. My favorites were the Keith Haring 1966 Buick Special, Freight Trains, Wild Style and the Banksy display. Please don’t sleep on this show as it will be one to put into the books.

The Geffen Contemporary At MOCA
250 South Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-6222