Visiting Super Dimension Con, North America’s largest one day deculture event celebrating the universe of the 1982 classic anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross aka Robotech, held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. Every attendee is automatically entered for the prize raffle. This years “Guest of Honor” included actor Dan Woren, engineer Les Claypool III, singer Phoebe and builder Lionel Lum. Bid in the annual live auction featuring an exclusive sketch by Macross illustrator and mechanical designer Hidetaka Tenjin. For your viewing pleasure, watch a screening of the first episode of Macross 7 with English subtitles courtesy of Right Stuf Anime in the auditorium. Awesome “Robotech Vs. Robotech” panel with Toy Wizard’s Scott Zillner. Okamoto Kitchen food truck returns serving their exclusive special SDC curry or gyudon bento with Max and Mariya themed drinks. Authentic Osaka style takoyaki severed up by Tanota Takoyaki. A unique selection of food, desserts, drinks and games by Arcane Nyan Nyan Maid Cafe inside the lobby. The Museum & Gaming hall displayed the vast Macross related products, memorabilia and collections along with Lionel Lum’s transforming 1/400 scale SDF-1. Amazing customized Macross arcade by Bee Kong is back for free play. Asian ball jointed and vinyl dolls were also on display. Shop in the vendor and artist alley with over 30 tables of collectibles, art, apparel, books and much more. DJs and music provided by Tune In Tokyo in the courtyard. Keeping in Macross form, a Macross Idol Contest was held as a closing to the event. Thank you Super Dimension Con, Jason and staff for having me again this year.