The 9th annual Robo Toy Fest along with Brick Boutique, Pasadena GIJoe and ProtocultureCon, giving you 4 shows in one, held at the Pasadena Convention Center. Metro friendly via the Gold Line. This one day event is the kind I love with lots of used and vintage goods of all sorts, from the 1/6 figures to the big Shogun Warriors. Special guests included voice actors Paul Eiding (The Transformers), David Kaye (Inu Yasha), Arthur Burghardt (G.I.Joe) and a special Robotech panel with Dan Woren (Roy Fokker). Aaron Sparrow (Darkwing Duck), Andy Ristaino (Adventure Time) and Andrew Ruano, among other artist were also present. Awesome show with great deals makes this one a winner. Looking forward to next year. Thanks to Scott Zillner, Robo Toy Fest and staff for having me. 

Scott Zillner (Robo Toy Fest)

Robotech Voice Panel

Dan Woren “Roy Fokker”

Game Swappers

Kevin Lee (BrickStruct)

Paul Eiding “Perceptor”

Super Dimension Convention

Anime Coast

Anime Coast

Big Head Studios

Jesse (Big Head Studios) and Aaron Sparrow

Aaron Sparrow

Andy Ristaino

Andrew Ruano