Today, I went to go visit two friends at the Tokyo City Cup, a family event held every year at the Santa Anita Park in the city of Arcadia. My one friend Kuni, help put together the event and the other Brian, is performing in it with the L.A. Matsuri Taiko group. The weather was a little gloomy today with a chance of rain, but luckily it only a slight mist. Well, if you love the Japanese culture and horse races, this is the place to be, what a combo. Free general admission with web printable ticket or $5. at the door and $4. general parking. They had everything from Karate (martial art) demonstrations, Shinkendo (swordsmanship) exhibitions, Sumo (wrestling) Sado (tea ceremony), Kado (flower arrangement), Shodao (calligraphy), Origami (paper folding) and many different forms of live traditional Japanese music from Shamisen (3 string guitar) and Taiko (drums), to name a few. There were also many Japanese corporations and “mom & pop” companies representing. The food venue choices were great with many Japanese dishes to choose from. The Taiko performances were the show stopper with it’s thundering roar and its rhythmic beats. It’s an all day event so be sure to come early and bring the family for a taste of Japanese culture.

Santa Anita Park
285 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 574-7223

Hiro Hayashida

L.A. Matsuri Taiko

Brian and DJ Tony Jr.