Celebrating a decade with the best in pop culture L.A. Comic Con (December 3rd – 5th) held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Metro rail friendly via the Blue and Expo line. L.A.’s biggest and baddest comic-con with over 800 artists and exhibitors, and over 90,000 fans in attendance. Dope shirts and prints by Viciouskill (pictured above). Enjoy the Trekkie experience of all things Star Trek, celebrating Nichelle Nichols and space exploration by Atomic Studios. Star Wars “The Mandalorian” main stage panel featuring actor Giancarlo Esposito and Ming-Na Wen, shared experiences made during the show. Headline guest included Bruce Campbell, Zachary Levi, Tom Welling, Frank Miller and Tom Kelly. Subnation Media brings the gaming and anime culture to the West Hall with gaming stage, stream studio and the freeplay area. Huge cosplay meet-ups in the main lobby. Had an amazing time as always and looking forward to the next. Thank you L.A. Comic Con and staff for having me.

L.A. Comic Con

L.A. Comic Con

Bruce Boxleitner

Giancarlo Esposito


Comic Con Radio

David Mack

Naomi Griffin

Naomi Griffin

Fireball Publishing

Fireball Publishing

Rachel Hollon

Critical Entertainment

Patrick Owsley

Joanie Brosas

Jason Keith

Tom Cook

FVF Comics

Nekkokya and Richard Ortega

Ivy Doomkitty

Plot Twist Publishing



Clover Needlecraft

Amber Arden


Steven Harper (Tikifez Comics)

Comic Wise

Noelle Martin

Star Trek The Fleet

Ras The Robot

Chissy Lynn



Book Off

Lisa Pinelli

Sammy Ruiz

Cassandra Lee Morris

Alex Drastal

Imagine Model Arts

Brynn Brdar


Circus Teeth

Flame Water and Cipher Matou

Anges Garbowska

Los Angeles Ghostbusters

Thea Wolfe

Mcflys Comics

Jordan Blaza Olsen

Keep Kawaii

Diana Leto

Story Spark


Hannah Hillam

Rok Bot