Visiting the Long Beach Comic Con (August 31st – September 1st) along with the GeekFest Film Festival, Comic Creators Conference and Space Expo held at the Long Beach Convention Center. Metro friendly via the Blue Line. Smaller in scale then Los Angles Comic Con, it has a very intimate vibe and space for a comic and pop culture event.

Michael Swanigan
Sandy King Carpenter
Sam J. Jones
Scott Kolins
Alex Dandino
Bad Apple
Shannon (Gears & Roebuck)
Danny Djeljosevic and Elizabeth Brei
Matt Wagner
Jon G. Kurtz
Barbra (Fanbase Press)
Kae (Tokyo Pop)
Sun & Alex (Story Spark)
D. Lynn Smith (Kymera Press)
Allison (Aerie Arts)
Rachel E. Beck (Glitch Logs)
Cosplay Contest

@frekkicosplay (Best In Show)
@zoideramy (Best Anime) & @frekkicosplay (Best In Show)
@lockintosh (Best Construction)
@stirex05 (Best Fabrication)
@radgeekyrose (Best Hero)