Well I’m back at White Tiger martial arts studio to join in the celebrations of the annual Moon Festival, an open event to students, their families and friends. The Moon Festival is a Chinese cultural event held on the 15th of the 8th lunar month to celebrate the previous harvest of spring and summer. It also honors the gathering and sanctity of family, almost like Thanksgiving, bringing loved ones and friends together to watch the full moon, reflect and eat moon cake. To celebrate, White Tiger had everyone sit and relax on the floor to enjoy hot tea and snacks, while everyone talked, laughed and got to know know one another. After the tea ceremony, Si Hing Goehner gave a brief explanation and story about the meaning of the Oolong tea, answered any questions and told the amazing story of the White Tiger history. We all then got up and started walking in a giant circle and did a digestion walk with stretches, followed by external Qigong movement and meditation. Si Jei Tanaka gave thanks and appreciation to everyone for coming to celebrate the Moon Festival with White Tiger and we all got to eat the sweet moon cake, yum. It was such a joy to see all the students, family and friends who made this Moon Festival event so much fun. Thanks to Shi Gung Rizzo, Si Jei Tanaka, Si Hing Goehner, Si Hing Hunt and the White Tiger staff for having us.

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Si Jei Tanaka