Susie Ghahremani new show Work and Non Work (November 17th – December 5th) opened tonight at GR2 (Giant Robot 2). It was a rainy day, but the turnout and vibe was great as expected. The gallery really had her touch, with one piece that went along all the walls. I really dig her style of cute animals, folk nature, musical instruments and these really cool patterns. In the picture above, Susie is doing a free-hand piece for Kat. Ryan from Delve Clothing was there doing printing of Susie’s work on t-shirts while you wait, so dope. There was a section of her work on these little rounded rectangular wood pieces with a hole on top and I was curious why. She said that she used to use the little wood samples that you would get from the store, awesomeness. So why not come down and do some early holiday shopping here at the show.

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445-9276


Eric Nakamura and Susie Gharemami

Susie Gharemami

DJ Tony Jr. and Susie Gharemami