Autumn season means it’s time for the L.A. Comic Con (October 11th – 13th) held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Metro rail friendly via the Blue and Expo line. The biggest and greatest comics, gaming, sci-fi, horror and pop culture event in L.A., featuring over 800 of the best exhibitors. In it’s 9th year, guest include Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), Ricco Fajardo & Luci Christian (My Hero Academia), Eddie DeAngelini and Zack Morrissette. Featuring the SpongeBob 20th anniversary and Kim Possible reunion panels. Thank you L.A. Comic Con for another unforgettable year.

Richard Garfield & Ken Jennings


Celebrating Movie Musicals Live

John Romita Jr.

Nicole Marie Jean

Action Lab Comics

Jae Lee

Rocket Comics

Jackie Doan

Shinobi Stickers

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Jose Cardenas

The Best Little Horror House

Jeanne Basone

Omar Mora

Elizabeth Rage

L. Stephanie Tait

@aliciamariebody & @utahimecosplay

Richard Chang & Julie Nguyen

David Lucarelli

Amber Arden

Cheyenne Jaz Wise

Red Hood Comics

Kelley Frisby

D.J. Kirkbride

Roland Of Aragon

Women Of Wrestling

Keta Rush

The Dixie Darlings

The Beast

Adriana Gambino & The Dagger

Randy Montanez

Loganspops Comics

Olive Panter

Amber McCall

Bunny Lee

Hellen Jo

Megan Campagnolo

Robert Ly

Nicole Marie Jean


Western Science Center

That Spiderman Booth

Story Spark





Heroes & Villains

Amber Arden


Maggie Love

Bennett Black Light



HoraTora Studios

Santa Inoue

Braxton Moore


Sean Danconia

Jee Hyung