After a year hiatus Pacific Media Expo (October 27th – 28th) is back at it’s new Glendale Hilton location. Joining PMX this year Asian American Culture Con hosted and curated by Jeff Yang and Phil Yu of They Call Us Bruce. AACC panel podcast guest include Tamlyn Tomita, Keiko Agena, Parry Shen, Lynn Chen, Steven Universe cast and many more. Music Guest of Honor Haru from Universe performing a intimate live acoustic concert. Meet and greet autograph session with voice actors Paul St. Peter, Tara Sands and Jon Allen. Gaming brought to you by San Diego Lan Net with the first Lethal League Blaze game tournament. Bunal Brand hosting the Way of the Stick and Blade martial arts tournament with featured guest Lauren Mary Kim. Good times and thank you Pacific Media Expo for having me.

Paul St. PeterTara Sands and Jon Allen

Paul St. Peter

Tara Sands

Jon Allen

Steven UniverseShelby Rabara

Michaela Dietz

Jennifer Paz

Grace Rolek

Next Gen Talent

Kaitlyn Yang

Jeff Yang

Phil Yu, Linda Lamontagne, Snehal Desai, Will S. Choi, Jeff Yang and Kaitlyn Yang




Janna Bock & Tiffany Wang

Cute Parade

Ash Pana

Pika Dude

Katrina Jiang

You See Berkeley Creations

Endless Future Productions