Celebrating 10 years of comic books and pop culture Long Beach Comic Con and Space Expo (September 8th – 9th) held at the Long Beach Convention Center . This years special guests included Guest of Honor Herbert Jefferson Jr. and Christopher Priest, artist Kevin Eastman,  actress Sherilyn Fenn, actor Kristian Nairn, model Genevieve Marie and so much more. Beside the main show floor, 5 separate room on the lower floor were for the Space Expo, Geek Fest Film Festival and panels. Another fun year and I can’t wait for the next. Thank you MAD Event Management for having me and congratulations on 10 years.

ViciouskillLarry HoustonScott KoblishDarth Lexii Tony FleeceAngel Payne

So Electric

Hero Initiative 

SLC Green Arrow

Rachel LitfinShittty StufffLisa PinelliPatrick Owsley

Sketchy Bug GroupMedieval TimesFrank Gidlewski

Julie and Eric

Bob FingermanTara Cosplay

Drew Edward Johnson

Planetary Society

A.K. Rivers and Bettina BusielloDan Hale

Story SparkOflodam Monstro

Steamy LeiaDanny Djeljosevic

Mike and Seol Comics and Roland of Aragon

NitecrawlherOrder of GallifreyFrontiersAlisa Vysochina

Curtis ClowChihiro and ChiekoDino Andrade

Melina Chavarria

Patrick Reilly

Exceptional Children’s Foundation Art Centers ProgramElizabeth Brei

Team Hero ChickGrace Alba Le

501st Leigon Southern California Garrison

Lucy SmithDave Smith and Famous Card GamesFloppy EarsMale Cosplay PinupsLily Lion HeartDan TaylorDavid Moreno and Electronica ZeroJulius Thompson and Damien CornejoMonica BauerAlex Dandino and Evan PeterVanessa SolisRyan BurkeDylan Campbell The ShellyAxelMonuniBrett C. NanceFanbase PressFoam Armor Club