So honored to be a part of Straight Outta Little Tokyo 3 again this year. A community event for the Terasaki Budokan and the Little Tokyo Service Center in Los Angeles. Tonight was dedicated in memory of DJ Mike Lew of Mixed Images with a special tribute and performance by Brotherhood From Anotherhood along with DJ Tricky Troy (O.G. Sounds). Special guest included MCs Aaron Takahashi and Kimi Evans (ABC News), and basketball living legends Wat Makasa (N.Y. Knicks) and Michael Cooper (L.A. Lakers). Live performances by Troop, Jules Arora, Jason Chu, Elemental Funk, Ho’opala, Paul Dateh, Kaze Jones, Kokoro, Taiko Project and Stylie Ray. DJs sets by K-Sly (100.3 The Beat), AkikoLuv, Havik (MZK / Best Junkies), Tricky Troy (O.G. Sounds), Lloyd Honda (Kut ABove), Roldan (Proof Positive), Puffs (Train Wreck), D-Dubs, Mista Fista (KFA), Russ-T and Opus (Proof Positive). Thank you so much for having me again this year. As always, I had a super time for a super cause.

DJ Tricky Troy (O.G. Sounds)

DJ Tricky Troy (O.G. Sounds)

Jason Chu

Jason Chu

DJ K-Sly (100.3 The Beat)

DJ Havik (MZK / Beat Junkies)DJ Havik (MZK / Beat Junkies)

DJ Lloyd Honda (Kut Above)

Brotherhood From Anotherhood

DJ Coy (Top Rawmen)DJ Coy (Top Rawmen)

DJ Puffs (Train Wreck)

DJ AkikoLuv and DJ Puffs (Train Wreck)

DJ Roldan (Proof Positive) DJ Roldan (Proof Positive)

DJ Roldan (Proof Positive) and DJ Tricky Troy (O.G. Sounds)

MC Eric O (Westward One)

MC Eric O (Westward One) and Naomi

DJ D-Dub

DJ Russ-T

KokoroGonzoDJ Coy, DJ Tony Jr., DJ AkikoLuv, Naomi, Anthony and DJ Havik