You can’t have SDCC without Munky King’s Versus, celebrating it’s 6th year with a group of the most talented artists. I only had enough time for round one and part of round two. Thanks to Patrick and staff of Munky King for such an awesome event. Congrats to all the artists in Versus and a shout out to the Sucklord, you da man.

Armed with nothing but black paint markers, artists battle it out on white walls for pride, honor, and free beer at Versus, an art battle royale. The arena…Munky King’s annual San Diego Comic Con Party, hosted at BASIC urban kitchen and bar. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and genres, artists pair up and collaborate on a piece, going head-to-head with another live-painting team. At the end of each round, the crowd decides which team moves up the bracket until a pair of champions is crowned. John Stokes of the popular toy blog SpankyStokes.com will serve as the battle emcee. Munky King’s resident DJs, R-Rated and Colbi.1, man the turntables to keep the party going. Featuring renown artists Food One, Angry Woebots, Jerome Lu, Podgy Panda, Deph, Rocom, Mike Huddleston, Martin Hsu, Jeremiah Ketner, Gmonik, and Jorge Gutierrez. Versus is sure to be a highlight of everyone’s Comic Con experience.



Dez Einswell


Jerome Lu and Podgy Panda


Martin Hsu


Angry Woebots


Jeremiah Ketner


Jorge Gutierrez and  Gmonik


Deph and Rocom


Sucklord and DJ Tony Jr.