I didn’t have the chance to make it to the Anime Expo (day three) cause tonight, DJ Yutaka (Zulu Nation) and I, were invited to the 626 Night Market to spin a funky hip-hop breaks set for the masses. It was so great to reunite and spin with the 626 Monster DJs. Much props to the break dancer busting the moves. Thank so much for inviting us.

The 626 Night Market is the largest Asian street food themed night market in the U.S. featuring over 150 local restaurants, food vendors, entrepreneurs, merchandise vendors, artists, musicians, and non-profit groups. Night markets are a staple of Asian societies with the primary focus on different street food and merchandise vendors. The 626 Night Market brings the energy and spirit of Asian night markets to Los Angeles.  There is someting you can be sure of in the 626 area code: there are a lot of individuals of the Asian variety here. What does this mean? There are boba shops at almost every corner, Linsanity is a constant state of mind, YouTube personalities are a dime a dozen, and everyone (and we mean everyone) has heard of Asia’s famous night markets. If they have not already made the pilgrimage to these night markets then they’ve heard of them from someone who has. Fabled as being the ultimate nocturnal delight in Asia, night markets consolidate a plethora of enjoyment to tantalize the senses. At night markets you can find merchandise, games, and a wide variety of food late into the night. If these night markets are so amazing, why don’t we have one here? With the 626 Night Market, now we do. Our event showcases small local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, and non-profits. The 626 Night Market is dedicated to promoting the growth of our communities while merging an Asian night market with Los Angeles & 626 culture and lifestyle. We hope you will join us as we continue our journey to establish and evolve a unique Asian night market that can only be experienced in the 626.

Santa Anita Park
285 W Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007




DJ Tony Jr. and DJ Mugen


DJ Tony Jr. and DJ Surreal