Had an awesome time sitting in on a fresh session of the Eff It Podcast with hosts Denkym, Danny Cho, Headright and guest Dumbfoundead. The show was originally call F*ck It, but was later told by Apple to re-name it. These guys are the most raw, honest and funniest guys I’ve ever meet and this show is a must listen. They talk about everything from girls to weed and you never know what’s gonna come up. If you enjoy the Howard Stern or Joe Rogan type show, you’ll gonna love this. Listen to episode 23 with guest Irene Hsu, a classic in my book, known as “the show that broke the internet”. You can tune in or download the Eff It Podcast at Apple iTunes. Thanks for a great time guys!




Danny Cho, Denkym, Headright, Dumbfoundead and DJ Tony Jr.