cb-hlny-02This afternoon, I was invited and happy to attend a Lunar New Year celebration (Year of the Snake) at White Tiger marital arts studio. The event started at 2pm with lots of food, drinks and music by DJ Seb, owner of Touch Vinyl records and student here at White Tiger. After all the eating, drinking and making new friends, came the Dragon dance, a Chinese New Year tradition to scare away evil spirits and are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom. It was a treat to see this dance along with the live music of drums and cymbals, it really makes it come to life. Shout out to Jenn who killed it on the drums during the dance. Soon to followed were demonstrations of techniques and awards were given out to student for achievements in martial arts. Outside showcased the advance demonstrations by students and teachers breaking cement blocks and opening coconuts with the strikes of their bare hands using different levels of the Iron Palm mastery. For the finale, large wooden staffs were broken and splintered over different parts of the body of instructor Dennis. I wanted to thank Tom, Dennis, Jenn and the entire staff of White Tiger for having me over for the celebration. If intrested and want to learn more about White Tiger programs, be sure to get in contact with these well trained and knowledgeable nice peeps.

White Tiger
1990 Westwood Blvd. Suite 105

Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 446-5566





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