GR2 (Giant Robot 2) most popular show of the year, Post It 8 (December 8th – December 16th) comes around again. Featuring over 260 artist with over 2000 pieces, each at only $25. Well, you kinda get the idea, artist do whatever they want while doing it on a Post It. As you know, buying an original piece of art from a well known artist can be quite pricey, so this is a great opportunity to actually pick up one or two or more. It’s so cool to see how creative and what the artists come up with in a small 3″ x 3″ space. I couldn’t even recognize some works without being told who the artist was and some you just know. Did you know that one done by artist James Jean that was thrown in the mix. Eric commented saying that, the person who bought the James Jean Post It, probably didn’t even know. I can see why this show is so popular, it’s a great idea and everyone looks so happy when taking a piece home. I heard there was even a line to get in before the doors were opened, talk about hardcore. As always, much props to Giant Robot and staff for an awesome show and good times. Don’t sleep on Post It 8 and bring some art in your life.

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445-9276

Luke Chueh and Eric Nakamura